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Welcome to The Martian Wiki home page (or should I say Hab page).

This wiki is dedicated to the book by Andy Weir and movie of the same name directed by Ridley Scott - The Martian.



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ARES: Live ARES 3 Ares 3 Mission Guide Airlock 1
Alex Vogel Andy Weir Annie Montrose Ares
Ares I Ares III/Film Ares IV Ares Missions
Ares Program Askel Hennie Background Characters Beth Johanssen
Brendan Hatch Bruce Ng CNN's Mark Watney Report Cast
Cathy Warner Characters CNSA China NationalSpace Administration
Chiwetel Ejiofor Chris Beck Chris Beck/Film Diary Of An AssCan:A Mark Watney Short Story
Donald Glover Dr Keller Drew Goddard Eliza Vogel
ESA EVA EMU Fan Fiction
Guo Ming Helena Vogel Hermes Spacecraft Irene Shields
ISRO JAXA JPL Jeff Daniels
Jessica Chastain Karen Rhodes Kate Mara Kristen Wiig
Mackenzie Davis Mark Watney Mark Watney/Film Marissa Martinez
Mars Mars Ascent Vehicle Mars Descent Vehicle Matt Damon
Maurice Stein Melissa Lewis Melissa Lewis/Film Micheal Peña
Mike Watkins Mindy Park Missed Orbit Scenario Mission Control
Mitch Henderson Movie VS Book NASA Phobos
Project Elrond ROSCOSMOS RTG
References Rich Purnell
Rick Martinez Rick Martinez/Film Ridley Scott Robert Lewis
Rover 2 Ryoko SatCon Sean Bean
Sebastian Stan SpaceX Taiyang Shen Teddy Sanders/Film
The Hab The Martian/Film The Martian/Novel Tim Grimes
Timeline Victor Vogel Vincent Kapoor Zhu Tao


The Martian - Official HD Trailer -1 - 201503:29

The Martian - Official HD Trailer -1 - 2015

Trailer #1
The Martian - Official HD Trailer -2 - 201503:12

The Martian - Official HD Trailer -2 - 2015

Trailer #2
The Martian- VR Experience - 360 Video01:19

The Martian- VR Experience - 360 Video

The Martian 360 (VR Experience)
Ares 3 The Right Stuff03:27

Ares 3 The Right Stuff

Ares 3: The Right Stuff ~ ARES: Live
Our Greatest Adventure03:50

Our Greatest Adventure

Our Greatest Adventure ~ ARES: Live
Leave Your Mark01:16

Leave Your Mark

Leave Your Mark ~ ARES: Live

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