ARES: Live is the Real Youtube channel for a few scenes used for marketing and adding to the movie.

  • Leave Your Mark: This includes a very obvious but pretty cool Under Armour ad starring 'Mark Watney'
  • Our Greatest Adventure: A scientific talk from Neil DeGrasse Tyson (Because who else).
  • ARES 3: Farewell: Mark Watney introducing the crew via Armanian Go Pro right before they take off.
  • ARES 3: Chem Cam: Mark touching the Chem Cam against Beth's wishes set during the Movie (Sol 162).
  • Bring Him Home: A reference to what is definitely Tumblr set sometime during the movie probably right after they found out he was alive.
  • ARES 3: The Right Stuff: And the crew just being cruel to their poor physiologist after their 10 days isolation during training. I mean seriously I feel sorry for the guy. Plus a nice Easter egg to those who have read the book. Plus badass Lewis and one dimensional Vogel.

This isn't ARES: Live related but it is a deleted scene that again book readers will recognise.

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