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Ares 1 and 2?

Does anyone know where the Ares 1 and 2 landing sites are? With all the research Andy Weir did for the Martian he must have included the mission locations somewhere!
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Guys our wiki now has little awards you can win with customised martian names. You can earn points and get ranked so check those out if you want to do that. And the medals are for stuff you would do anyway like edit articles and add pictures and talking to other people on the wiki!
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Strange action in the movie

I just saw the movie for the first time a few days ago, and there was something that made no sense to me. I was wondering if anyone might be able to explain it.
Near the end of the movie, when the crew realizes they need to slow down the ship to intercept Mark, the commander has the one astronaut travel, outside the ship, down the length of the ship to the forward airlock. There he goes inside where the computer technician hands him the bomb, which he then sticks to the door then goes back out and travels back down the length of the ship to his post.
Why didn't the computer technician stick the bomb to the door herself? There was absolutely no need that I can see for the other astronaut to make that dangerous journey outside twice.
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